5 tech mistakes

5 Tech Mistakes Every Student Makes (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Brett Clements

1. Forgetting to give DBo Your Contact Info

“Hello, this is OU President David Boren…”  will soon become a familiar phrase to you. Between blizzards, tornadoes, and floods, OU needs to be able to contact you regarding cancellations and delays. Be sure to visit accounts.ou.edu to update your emergency contact information.

2. Missing Out on Free Print Money

OU IT now offers $5 of free Sooner Print credit that you can use on any of the 26 printing kiosks across campus (offer ends May 2016). Additionally, you can earn an extra $5 of free printing funds when you try all five ways of printing to a Sooner Print kiosk, powered by wepa. It’s a little deal we like to call Try 5, Get 5! For more information on campus printing and to learn how you can get your extra $5 in printing credits, just visit print.ou.edu.

3. Connecting to OU Guest

You’re a student now so there’s no reason to stay on OU’s guest wifi. In fact, services such as oZone, Exchange, and D2L don’t function on OU Guest. Some devices, like laptops and smart phones, will automatically connect to the Network Registration page. Other devices such as gaming consoles will need to be registered manually from your laptop. Log into net-reg.ou.edu and follow the instructions to register your device.

4. Using Antiquated Software

You should be researching the Stone Age–not living in it. OU IT offers innovative technology services to help students achieve their academic goals. The new OU App puts services such as the campus map, D2L, Financial Aid, and many other features directly in your pocket (available on Apple, Android, and Windows devices). To boost collaboration, OU IT provides Office 365, a new cloud-based version of Microsoft Office that allows students to work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint simultaneously from their own devices. Additionally, if you’re looking to develop new skills, OU IT offers free lynda.com memberships. Lynda is a service that features hours of high quality design, business, and web development videos.

5. Looking for Help in All the Wrong Places

Your roommate may deliver expert advice on dating and the best restaurants in Norman, but you should turn to professionals for help on technology matters. If you’re having tech problems, visit askit.ou.edu, call 325-HELP, or email needhelp@ou.edu. If your laptop, tablet, or phone is broken, OU IT has Service Centers in the Bizzell Library, Couch Residence Hall, One University Store, and Engineering Lab.

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