Back to School!

5 Tips For A Great Semester

Try as we might to avoid it, pool days and popsicles are being replaced with group study and too much coffee. Welcome back to school! We firmly believe each semester offers a fresh start so join us as we explore five ways to have your best one yet.

1) Get Organized
We are all busy with classes, jobs, and activities–why not do yourself a favor and start the semester off organized? Buy yourself a nice planner and jot down all your test days, major projects, and personal events so you don’t have to worry when the semester gets hectic.

2) Find A Good Study Spot
Find a trusty study space where you can get your work done. Coffee shops are a college student’s home away from home when the semester is in full swing–Gray Owl and Crimson and Whipped Cream are excellent choices. Or if you want to find something closer to home, Couch Practice Center offers cool features like walking stations and flex rooms for group studies to maximize your getting-stuff-done potential.

3) Make A Playlist
Nothing helps us focus more than a good Spotify playlist. Whether you’re looking for chill vibes to help you study or something to pump you up for the gym, Spotify has yet to fail us. (It completes us, you guys.) Singing along to your favorite songs can make even the most mundane tasks ten times more fun.

4) Get Familiar With Canvas
There’s a new learning management system on campus, and its name is Canvas! Canvas is like D2L’s cooler older sister. It has an intuitive design, and (hello!) animated baby pandas. Right now both D2L AND Canvas are available for use. However, by summer 2017 all classes will be in Canvas ONLY. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with Canvas now so you’ll be a pro when the change happens.

5) Take A Deep Breath
College is stressful, we know. It’s easy (and inevitable) to get overwhelmed, but when you feel like you’re losing yourself–just breathe. Do some yoga, download a meditation app or ‘Treat Yo Self’ to some Fuzzy’s and know you’ll get through it, champ. You can do this (we promise)! Whether it’s your first semester or your last, go have a great one because YOU deserve it.