ATE 2016

Academic Technology Expo 2016

Brett Clements

On January 15, over 260 faculty and staff joined us in the Oklahoma Memorial Union to participate in the 5th annual Academic Technology Expo. With over 28 sessions, the day was filled with interesting presentations, engaging discussions, and helpful workshops meant to facilitate improvements in teaching and learning.

For the first time ever, the Academic Technology Expo was fully digital with all programs, maps, and session information housed in a dedicated mobile application. Attendees enjoyed participating in interactive gamification, earning points for attending sessions, speaking with vendors, and completing tasks throughout the event.

Gamification was a perfect fit with the keynote speech given by Marguerite Dibble, President and CEO of gametheory. She shared her ideas on how games can be used in the classroom to make learning fun and motivating for students. As the afternoon sessions came to a close, attendees, presenters, and volunteers made their way to the ballroom for the reception, complete with free drinks and (!!!) a chocolate fountain.

What did attendees say?

“Enjoyed the conference very much.”

“Good sessions and speakers.”

“Always good food.”

“Great conference – thanks for the hard work.”

“It was very good, I really like the whole experience.”

“I liked the gamification.”

“Fantastic choice for keynote.”

Overall, this year’s Expo was a tremendous success and we had a blast.  Thanks so much to all of our Sponsors  (WEPA, Dropbox, Microsoft, Brightspace, and iClicker) and volunteers for helping make this event possible.  We’ll see you next year!