B2S Security Tips

Back to School IT Security Tips

Lynnetta Eyachabbe

1. Wireless Network

Welcome Sooners! You’re family now, which means you’re no longer a guest! Be sure to register your devices using OU Wifi and not OU GuestCheck out these helpful articles to learn more about OU Wireless Networks and finding your MAC Address for registration.

2. Account Safety

There’s only one you at OU, so please protect your account information.

It is best to use a unique password for your OU email address instead of a common password that you use for other accounts. This will help to ensure that your school records are not at risk if any other website encounters a breach. Never share your password, even with people you trust.

OU IT will never ask for your 4+4 and/or password via email.

3. Mobile Devices

At the University of Oklahoma we always strive for the best, but incidents can happen. To help recover lost or stolen devices, it is a good idea to enable the following features on your mobile device:

iOS: Setup Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod

On the Home Screen, tap Settings, then tap iCloud. If you’re asked to sign in, enter your Apple ID. If you don’t have one, tap Create a new Apple ID, then follow instructions.

Tap Find My iPhone to turn on, then tap to turn on Send Last Location.

Android: Enable Location Access and Android Device Manager

To turn on Location access – Open Settings app, under Personal, touch Location. Move switch to On Position

Sign in to your Google account on your device to use Android Device Manager.

To turn on Android Device Manager – open the Google Settings app in App menu. Tap Security, move switches to ON for “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and factory reset.”

For more security tips, visit OU IT’s Top Ten security list and follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @OUITSolutions.

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