D2L Basics

D2L B2S Basics Workshop

Tomika Cox

Are you new to D2L? Familiar with D2L but want more experience? In this hands-on workshop, you will gain a better understanding of the most commonly used tools in D2L (Content, News, etc.). You will also gain experience with the functionality of the learning environment so you can get your D2L course up and running in one session!

These workshops, located in Engineering Lab Room 250, are geared towards instructional faculty, research faculty, graduate assistants, administrative staff, and others that are new to D2L or just want to learn more. If you’re interested in attending, please click here to sign up for one of the following sessions:


08/11: 9am-10:30am

08/12: 2pm-3:30pm

08/13: 11am-12:30pm

08/17: 2pm-3:30pm

08/18: 9am-10:30am

08/19: 2pm-3:30pm

We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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