iPad in the Classroom

How to Get Students Excited About Learning


One of the teaching challenges we sometimes hear from professors is “How can I keep my students engaged? They would rather play on their devices than listen in class!” Our response? Let them play!  (And use those devices to help them learn!)

This isn’t a new concept, and we weren’t the first to champion it. It’s one of the goals of the One University Digital Initiative, and it’s something the College of Education, The Pride of Oklahoma, The College of Law, and The College of Journalism already know. Their solution? Give students iPads instead of textbooks to help lower the cost of education and facilitate teaching and learning in the classroom.

journalism iPads

It’s an idea that still gets us excited every time we see it in action, as our Digital Innovation Teams from the IT Store and One U Store did yesterday. They were onsite distributing iPads to 242 students in the College of Journalism and Mass Communication who will use these devices for the semester instead of textbooks at no cost to them.

And while it was fantastic to see a group of students so eager to use technology in their classroom, the real reward will unfold in the days and weeks to come as these devices become a teaching tool that helps students process new information in the way that makes the most sense to them. It’s perhaps a modern day example of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” and we couldn’t be happier to see it.

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