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Brett Clements

One of our new year’s resolutions was to pause Netflix on occasion and do something good for our brains. We’ve been reading new books, listening to podcasts, and watching videos on Did you know everyone on campus has a free (yes, totally free) subscription to Lynda provides high quality video content from experts that can teach you all kinds of cool stuff–from animation to design to business. We decided to check out some Lynda videos that appealed to us and give you the low down on how you can improve your practical and creative skills!

Photography with iOS 9

iPhone photography

First on our course list was Photography with iOS9. Mobile phones have created a new generation of photographers, and we wanted to learn more about this medium. We loved this course because taking convenient, nice-looking photos without having to learn all the mechanics behind professional photography is so much fun.

Drawing Vector Graphics: Hand Lettering

hand lettering

Next up was Hand Typography. We thought this would be great for people who wanted to make their own valentines or birthday cards for friends. This course was interesting due to the variety of methods the artists used. The practice sections kept us entertained, and although we’re not professionals (yet!), we were really able to improve our sketching and letter design.

Time Management Fundamentals


Confession: we don’t always use our time wisely (hence our new year’s resolution). So we took a Time Management course to see what we could learn. And surprise! It really helped us improve our digital spaces as well as our physical spaces so that we could increase our productivity without all the clutter, a skill that every college student (or you know… anyone) could use.

Lynda offers a wide variety of courses to help build your skills. There’s something for pretty much everyone. So the next time you decide to pause Netflix? We have just the thing for you.