6 Lynda Tutorials for Job Hunting


It’s job hunting season! Have you started looking for summer internships or jobs for post-graduation? Lynda.ou.edu has a number of instructional and informational videos that can make this often stressful process that much easier. So, we put together a list of the most helpful tutorials just for you:

  1. For tips on how to write a killer resume watch: Writing a Resume
  2. For tips on how to design a resume using InDesign watch: Designing a Resume
  3. To learn about how to write a cover letter watch: How To Write an Effective Cover Letter
  4. For tips on how to effectively job hunt online watch: Job Hunting Online
  5. To learn better job searching strategies watch: Job Search Strategies
  6. For tips on how to ace an interview watch: Acing Your Interview

Good luck students! You’ve got this. If you need assistance please call 325-HELP (4357) during normal business hours, or visit needhelp.ou.edu.