Meet Addison

Meet Addison! She’s a multidisciplinary designer on our Marketing and Communications team. Her role involves much more than just graphic design; she takes and edits our photos, brainstorms campaigns, and creates content for social media.

Tell us about yourself. 

Hi! My name’s Addison Rosenquist and I’m a visual communications major from Dallas, Texas.

Why Viscom?

I knew I wasn’t going to be happy unless I went into a creative field. My dad owned a brand packaging company in Dallas when I was in high school and that’s where I first started learning about design. He was the one that encouraged me to look into programs when researching colleges. Then I ended up at OU!

What is your role at IT?

I’m a graphic design intern. I have been here for 3 years! I make various advertisements, signage, web graphics, photos and videos for the IT Marketing and Communications department.

Any plans after graduation?

I’m moving to Charleston, South Carolina in a month! I will be a junior designer at a multidisciplinary studio called Stitch Design Co.

How do you think working for OU IT has prepared you for your new position?

I started working at IT the fall of my sophomore year. I hardly knew the Adobe software and knew nothing about design. I was the youngest one in the office. It was terrifying but it forced me to learn fast and teach myself a lot. It also taught me to come out of my shell and not be afraid to ask people for help. I think in a months time, I will be in the exact same spot again just at a different company. But after having this job, I know how to handle myself in that situation, work fast, and get the job done. This internship has taught me so much and it definitely played a big role in landing my first full time job!

What is your favorite part about working on Marcom?

My favorite part about working here is definitely the people. After 3 years there has been such different groups and dynamics that change, but everyone works so well together. It makes it so fun to come to work everyday! I have definitely met some of my best friends through this job.

Besides designing, what else do you do?

When I’m not designing I love going on weekend trips, photography, good food, and curling up to binge watch Netflix. Typical, but true.

What was your most memorable moment at OU?

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one moment. I think any time spent with the people I love here; patio dinners, trips to the city, late nights working in the studio, celebrating after final critiques. They’re all my favorite and I’m going to miss this way more than I thought I ever would.

Thanks Adds!