Meet Alex

We got the opportunity to meet with Alex Johnson last week. From the little bit of time that we spent with him, we can tell you that he is an extremely self-sufficient and driven individual. Alex starts his days at 4 a.m. and is on campus pretty much 24/7, but when he isn’t working or at school you can find him at the gym or catching up on Game of Thrones (did you see the season 7 finale?!). The Services team is lucky to have him!

What is your role within IT? 

I’m one of the service members. We fix computers; we provide support to anyone that calls in to the University with problems as well.  

How long have you been a part of IT? 

It’ll be three years now! 

What is your major? 

I am a double major in Economics and Entrepreneurship. I’m also doing an accelerated Master’s program. It’s one of the big data programs through the College of Arts and Sciences that’s related to Economics. So, we work with a lot of data and we figure out how this data is applied to the economic market.  

What is your favorite piece of technology? 

I’ve got to say my phone. I use it for anything and everything—to look stuff up, to call someone obviously that’s the basic function of a phone, and social media is probably the biggest thing used for it nowadays. It’s pretty much my life line for everything right now.  

What is your go-to Spotify playlist? 

Actually, I don’t even use Spotify. If you’re just asking me for a playlist in general, especially on Apple Music, it’s probably Mo-Town Soul. That’s my go-to! I also have to go with my Mike Jack (Michael Jackson) playlist, and of course the Drake essentials. I’ve got to have the Drake essentials on repeat all day!   

Of course Alex, we all do. Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen?  

Don’t play around. (He said this in the most serious tone of voice that made me reevaluate everything.)  

Thanks for the advice! We’re glad you’re a part of the team.