Meet Caleb


Meet Caleb! He’s a Data Analyst on our Learning Spaces team and has been with IT technically longer than he’s been a student at OU. Some interesting things about Caleb is that he’s dual-majoring in Finance and MIS, likes to travel, and has never had a PB&J in his life (how??).

Start by telling us about yourself! 

My name’s Caleb Dill. I’m a Finance and MIS (Management Information Systems) major. I started working with OU IT my first semester at OU. In fact, my first day with OU IT was the day before my actual first day of classes at OU.

Can you describe your role within IT? 

I started out by working in the labs on the Learning Spaces team and now I do data analytics. My main duty is to put together monthly reports based on our team performance. For example, we’ll measure things like the number of tickets we open and close, printing statistics, cart tracking data, and reports from our lab shifts. It helps us see how we’re doing and what areas we need to improve in!

Plans after graduation?

I’ll be working as a Consultant in Dallas at Hitachi Consulting!

Why do you think IT is important to the OU community? 

Well, A) Technology is everywhere so there needs to be people to support that and B) we do more than just support the technology. We come up with new ideas and different ways to use the spaces on campus that are more than just a traditional learning lab. We enhance learning for all OU students!

How has working for IT impacted your life and your career?

To be honest, I didn’t even know that I wanted to work in technology until I got the job at IT. Gradually as my time here went on I realized that I wanted a career in technology. So, I picked up an MIS major to go a long with my degree in Finance. I’m now going into consulting which is very IT heavy these days.

What can we find Caleb Dill doing on a day off? 

I really like to read, cook, and eat food. I like traveling too. I just recently went to San Francisco over winter break and then in May I’m going to Amsterdam for the first time! I’m really excited because it’s my first time going to Europe and I have family there that my cousin and I tracked down a few years ago.

That’s so cool! What is your favorite piece of technology? 

The microwave for sure. It’s important because who has time to heat everything up in an oven every time they want to eat?

The life of a college student. What’s your favorite artist or album right now? 

I listen to a lot of Billy Joel if we’re being totally honest. As far as current goes, I listen to a lot of Khalid!

Khalid is an awesome artist. Thanks Caleb!