Meet Kassidy


Meet Kassidy! She has been a Marketing Intern on our Marketing and Communications team for over two years now, and she graduates this May. We’re sad to see her go, but we’re thrilled to hear about her post graduation plans!

Tell us about yourself! 

My name is Kassidy. I’m a Marketing major with an Anthropology minor — I know it’s a weird combo, but I find it super interesting. I’m graduating this May with my Bachelors, and I’m from Dallas, Texas.

Can you describe your time with our Marketing and Communications team? 

My time with Marcom has been pretty awesome. I’ve been here for about two years now, and I really enjoy how I don’t just have to sit at a desk all day. We get to go out on campus and promote cool campaigns and give away swag to students. It’s just always been a really fun job. I think you know you like your job when you feel like your shifts go by fast!

Totally. How has working for OU IT impacted your time at OU?

Working with Marcom has taught me how to multitask and be way more flexible. We always have so many different things going on, and I’ve just learned how to manage the workload as efficiently as possible.

Besides being a Marketing Intern, what other internships have you had?

The summer before my senior year I was able to intern with a recruiting firm in Dallas called Babich & Associates. It ended up being really helpful because it helped me get my foot in the door with the company I will be working for after graduation.

That’s awesome! What are your plans after graduation?

Well, I’m super excited because last week I accepted an offer with a company called Collabera back in Dallas! I start in July, and my role there is being an Account Manager.

Do you have any advice for current undergraduate students?

I guess I’d say try and do as much as you can. Honestly, four years go by so quickly, and then before you know it you’re gone. So, don’t skip football games and enjoy the fact that all of your friends live down the street from you.

What’s something interesting about yourself?

Well, I’m not sure if this is interesting or sad, but I’ve actually been to more countries than I have states within the U.S.

Congratulations Kassidy! We wish you all the best.