Meet Lindsay

Meet Lindsay. Lindsay works for our Services team helping new recruits get acclimated. She assists in development, team building, and teaching new employees how to use our systems. Lindsay is studying management information systems and is using her time at IT to build career experience.

So Lindsay, we’ll start with some lighting round questions.

Where are you from?

Stroud, OK.

What made you want to study Management Information Systems?

My Dad is an analyst, and I’ve always thought his job looked interesting. I originally studied Biology but the lab work is very independent, and I like more human interaction in my daily work. So now I’m looking into working for a consulting firm. I’d like to be the middle man between companies and their system engineers.

What do you do on campus other than work for IT?

I do Honors readings groups (they’re really cool because you get a FREE book) and informed citizens discussion groups. I also did the President’s leadership course.

What secret talents do you possess?

Dinosaur training and pigeon conditioning.

Wait, what?

*Laughs* I play this survival video game called Ark where you can ride dinosaurs so that’s pretty cool. But I really do have a pet pigeon! I found him behind my high school with a broken wing so I fixed him and now he lives at my house back in Stroud.

You healed, raised, and trained a pigeon and now it lives with you?


That’s. Amazing. Please tell me it is now a carrier pigeon?

It’s not, sadly. BUT I did name him Apollo, after the messenger god.

This is incredible, please tell me more facts about yourself.

Um, I’m going to Japan in December! My boyfriend and I are going to go travel around for a month. What else.. I have a pet hedgehog, but he’s a jerk. He tries to poke me, and he yells at me. I also do a little bit of video game design.

Let’s get philosophical; If money were no object and you could run away right now, where would you go?

I’d buy a bunch of land and a tiny cabin in Montana. It’s just so pretty there and I like hiking. Plus I like having a lot of room.

Would you take anyone with you?

Does my cat count?

We believe it does, Lindsay. We believe it does.

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