Meet Lynnetta

Lynnetta is our Security Awareness and Outreach Coordinator, whose job it is to make staying safe online easier and more accessible for all of us. Lately she’s been focused on face to face interactions–getting out and talking to people about how to protect themselves and their data.

She tells us, “We’ve gone to classes like Gateway to discuss security, but my goal is to get more face time with students, faculty and staff. I think one on one interactions are the best way to get our message across. People can always delete an email, but if you talk to them they are more willing to listen.”

And how could that not be true? Lynnetta is incredibly easy going and enjoyable to talk to. From the moment she walked in to be interviewed, she had an approachable and cheerful disposition. So Lynnetta…

How’d you end up here in Norman?

I grew up in the Tulsa area, Coweta actually, and went to college here at OU. After my first year I got an apartment with a friend of mine, and I’ve been here ever since! It’s just a really nice town; I met my husband here and everything is accesible. It’s a good place to be.

Did you always want to work in technology?

I always wanted to work with computers, but I wanted to find a way to incorporate interacting with people into that work. My freshman year someone told me about the Management Information Systems (MIS) major, and I realized I could do exactly that! I feel lucky that I found what I wanted to do so early on in college and didn’t have five different majors like most freshmen do.

What does a snapshot of your daily life look like right now?

Well I have two boys, and my oldest is 17, so we are in the college application process at my house.

Ooo, are you hoping he picks OU?

I would love to have him at OU, BUT he has grown up in Norman his whole life so we’re trying not to push it on him. I really want to instill a sense of independence in him so he feels comfortable trying other things. He’s done a lot of traveling through our church missions group and I want him to keep doing things like that.

You’ve lived in Norman for quite some time now! Do you have any favorite local spots?

Well I love Victoria’s, so that is definitely one of my Norman favorites. There is also this restaurant we love to go to called Mamaveca that is an AMAZING Peruvian and Mexican restaurant. They make the best Peruvian pico I have ever had. It’s garlicky and chunky, and when you put it on a tortilla it’s just amazing.

I’m sold, I want to go there right now!

It is absolutely delicious, I highly recommend it.

Sell me on something else, what kind of shows are you watching?

I never thought I would ever watch anything like this, but I love the show Lucifer. It’s about the devil being bored with watching over hell so he moves to Los Angeles *laughs*. He is this incredibly charming guy and hitches his wagon to an investigator to help her solve murder cases. He has this leg up because he can sort of hypnotize people into confessing their desires and dark secrets to help solve the crime because, well he’s the devil, haha.

Let’s see, where do you want to travel to?

I’ve been all over the United States but I’ve never been overseas, so I think I would really love to go to Greece. It is beautiful there.

What’s a good quote that you think summarizes who you are as a person?

There’s this great phrase I use all the time, and I can’t remember who said it, but it goes, “You think everyone is normal until you get to know them.” I think that is so true because what is “normal,” you know? Once you get to know people you see that we’re all just, well, people! Anyone who knows me know that I love to laugh and to make people laugh, so I think that quote is a great reflection of that.

Cheerful, open, and optimistic–thanks Lynnetta!