Meet Senior Interns Noah and Hannah

Meet Noah and Hannah, two interns on our Boomer Buzz team that have officially accepted jobs for post-graduation! Hannah is a Management Information Systems (MIS) major and Noah is dual-majoring in MIS and Economics. We enjoyed the opportunity to talk with them about their time in OU IT and what their future plans look like.

We heard you both accepted jobs for post-graduation! Can you tell us about those?

Hannah: “I will be with ONEOK in Tulsa. It’s a developer position, so we’ll go through a three-week long training, and then afterwards they’ll place us where we want to be. I’m more of a functional-type of person so I would rather do functional over technical. I would like to do something like project management or be a business analyst.”

Noah: “I accepted a job with Protiviti! They’re located in Dallas, and the headquarters are in New York. I interned with them over the summer and fell in love with it immediately. I’ll be doing IT consulting, so primarily going into the healthcare industry doing macro legislation accommodation within the firm and for people that we’re working with.”

That’s awesome. What other internships have you had while studying at OU?

Hannah: “Two summers ago I was in Dallas with a small healthcare company called Health Management Systems and then this past summer I was in Bartlesville with Phillips 66.”

Noah: “I spent a year and a half with American Fidelity in Oklahoma City. I did IT support and analytics along with desktop support, so I worked with hardware and software.”

How long have you been with Boomer Buzz? 

Hannah: “I’ve been there for about two and a half years now! It’s been really cool because I’ve been able to see it grow with my time being here.”

Noah: “I’ve been with them since September. I actually met Kim in an elevator in Price College, and we just started a conversation and it turned out that she was my MIS Electronic Business professor. I got to know her and told her that I was looking for a job. She said ‘Come on to Boomer Buzz,’ and I fell in love with it instantly.”

Can you tell us about your time with Boomer Buzz?

Hannah: “I think the coolest part is the engagement side of it. So, the community that comes with it. We’re meeting with so many students, and we have great guest speakers, both from within and outside of OU. It’s a really neat networking opportunity for all of us so there’s a lot of growth personally, but also technically with the tools that come out and everything that we get to learn from it.”

Noah: “It’s been phenomenal. We’ve seen Amazon come, database developers from OU IT, and several other people bring presentations. It’s awesome to learn all of the tools that OU is using! It’s really remarkable all of the opportunities that our students have here at the University and working for Boomer Buzz has given me a great opportunity to see not just new firms, but the new ideas that come out of people. Boomer Buzz really does bring a lot of different people from all different directions in to one room, and it’s a great collaboration tool here at OU.”

Wow, congratulations Hannah and Noah! We can’t wait to see the amazing work you do in the future. 

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