Meet Zena


Meet Zena, a Digital Spaces Technician on our Learning Spaces team who loves music, technology, and the color yellow!

Have you ever noticed the people that come into your classroom when the projector isn’t working? That’s the Learning Spaces team that Zena is a part of! Her job enables her to improve the student experience while also supplementing her studies in Information Studies and minoring in Management Information Systems.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
My name is Zena Chatman-Madi, and I’m a senior majoring in Information Studies with a minor in Management Information Systems (MIS). And I love the color yellow!

What is your role in OU IT? 
I’m a Digital Spaces Technician which means that I help work with our online management tools. I work with Canvas, MyMedia, Qualtrics, iClickers, and Lynda. I’m mostly focused on Canvas and the engagement pieces right now, so things like Tech Bootcamp and the Tech Fair. I help with a lot of tickets people submit when they can’t access their courses, can’t see their student rosters, or can’t see the assignments they uploaded–stuff like that!

What is your favorite part about working for IT? 
My favorite part about working for OU IT is being able to engage with people and helping them work with technology. I really enjoy it! I like talking to people a lot, and I love technology. I think that’s why I excelled with Tech Fair because I got to speak with a lot of our campus and external partners. I got to bring them here and help students engage with the technology they have at their disposal but aren’t always using.

How was the outcome from last semester’s Tech Fair? 
It was great! We had a last minute change from an outside event to an inside event because it was raining that day. But we had a fantastic outcome — about 200 to 300 more people showed up than in the prior years.

How do you think IT benefits the OU community?
I think IT benefits the OU community immensely! Without OU IT students would not be getting the education they are now. I feel like it’s a vital part of what makes the student experience so engaging because they’re able to collaborate with other students by using things like Google Drive and Office 365. Without these kinds of resources they wouldn’t be able to get as much done as they are able to now. Even things like projectors in classrooms — a lot of classroom materials would not be broadcasted to students without them.

Outside from being an IT rockstar, what else are you interested in?
That’s a good question… IT is my life! I’m really passionate about music. After IT I hope to work with music and technology because I really love both, and I hope to find a job where I can connect the two!

Wouldn’t it be fun to work at a company like Spotify or Apple Music?
Yes! I’ve been looking in to jobs like those. I mean I use Spotify every day. I was literally listening to it on the way here from class.

Okay speaking of music, what song or album have you been playing on repeat? 
Recently, I’ve delved into K-pop for fun! So I’ve been listening to a lot of BTS, but I also really like Glass Animals and Sufjan Stevens — especially “Mystery of Love,” I think it’s a very sweet song.

Love that song! Thanks, Zena. 

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