Multi-Factor Authentication

To better protect accounts from phishing and other cybersecurity threats, IT will require multi-factor authentication for accessing Office 365 (all accounts) and HR Self Service (faculty and staff only) from off campus following the schedule below:

  • September 25 – Freshmen and Sophomores
  • October 2 – Juniors and Seniors
  • October 9 – Faculty and Staff
  • October 16 – Graduate Students and all other accounts

On the date listed for your role, you will be required to register a device for multi-factor authentication through Duo when accessing these sites from off campus. If you have pre-registered a device, you will be prompted to verify your log in instead.

If you have not already registered with Duo, you can pre-register now to help avoid interruption:

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?
Multi-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your account by verifying your identity using a second device, typically your mobile phone. This prevents anyone else from logging in to your account, even if they know your password.

How Does It Work?
When you log in to a Duo-enabled service, you will be prompted to send an authentication request to a secondary device. Duo offers four options to verify your identity:

  • Duo mobile app – Approve log in requests from your smart phone or tablet
  • Phone call (mobile or land line) – Authenticate via a voice prompt
  • Text codes – Enter a text code in your browser
  • Hardware token – Connect a hardware token to your computer or phone 

If you receive a request to verify but are not logging in to a service, decline the request and change your password.

How Can I Get a Hardware Token?
If you do not wish to use your mobile device to authenticate or do not have a mobile device, you or your department can choose to purchase a hardware token. Any hardware token supporting the U2F standard will work with Duo. Learn more about purchasing and registering hardware tokens.  

Need Help?
The following knowledgebase articles will help you get started:

Visit for additional support options.