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Campus Network Upgrades


It might surprise you to learn that OU IT operates a complex enterprise-level network that sees more than 40,000 unique device connections each day. 40,000! This number has grown exponentially in recent years, and we expect that trend to only continue. While five years ago we had approximately 70,000 devices registered on our network, today that number is 112,979. This growth, coupled with the demand for faster connection speeds and better wireless coverage, means we are continuously striving to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

To address these challenges, OU IT continues to explore the most cost effective ways to increase the network reliability, speed, and planning efforts for the campus as a whole. We began by identifying the highest needs areas on campus. We prioritized by evaluating the teaching, learning, and research impact; the digital demand from the users of the space; and the overall impact to the OU experience.

We’re pleased to announce the completion of core upgrades to the following buildings, which now boast wired network connections that average 10 Gb/s:

  • Richards
  • Buchanan
  • Kaufman
  • Sutton
  • George Lynn Cross
  • Devon
  • Adams/Price
  • Couch
  • Walker
  • Cate Honors

Are we finished? Of course not. We’re currently in the process of updating the Union, and these refresh cycles will be ongoing as we continue to identify areas for improvement and provide world-class service via the fastest Internet speeds available in Oklahoma.

And since we know you’ll ask, what’s going on with WiFi? This spring, wireless service at OU will be provided via multiple networks, including WIFI@OU, which is the University’s new encrypted wireless, OUWiFi, which is the University’s legacy wireless, and OUWiFi Guest, an alternate wireless network for campus visitors. Our goal is to deliver each person a 1Gb/s wireless connection. Stay tuned!

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