Tech Taxi!

Tech Taxi
Here’s something you should know about OU IT: we have fantastic people. And a lot of those people–over 100 of them–are students. Talented, hard working, please-stay-forever students. We like having them on our teams because they’re eager to learn,...

Meet Audrey

meet Audrey
Meet Audrey Ansari. Audrey is our Campus Stores Foundation and Strategy Coordinator for IT. This means, she tells us, doing whatever it takes to help the Campus Stores Digital Innovation Team successfully integrate technology into the University and community. We think...

Meet Kelsie

Meet Kelsie Curtis. Kelsie is a Services Specialist who manages the students who work in our IT Service Centers across campus.  She enjoys training students for their roles and helping develop their skills as part time professionals. We like Kelsie because...
This week the Oklahoma State Department of Education hosted a professional development and training opportunity for teachers, administrators, and parents called EngageOK. We’re excited the One U Store–together with The College of Education, K20, and Concurrent Enrollment–was on hand to...

Meet John

John Verbick
Meet John Verbick. He is our Program Lead for IT Practice Spaces on the Learning Spaces Team, which means he’s responsible for all the great IT labs across campus. It also means (shameless plug) he’s the guy with the...