Sarah and Clayton


Meet Sarah and Clayton, two interns on our Boomer Buzz team that are graduating this May. Sarah is a Political Science major with a love for travel and people. Clayton is a Mechanical Engineering major who enjoys photography and interestingly enough, never watches Netflix (what??). A fun fact about the two of them is that they went to the same high school but never knew it until they started working together at Boomer Buzz!

Let’s start by telling us a little bit about yourselves.

Sarah: My name’s Sarah Steward. I’m a political science major and general business minor and I’m graduating in May of 2018.

Clayton: I’m Clayton Smith! I’m a senior Mechanical Engineering student and I’m graduating in May as well.

What’s your role in Boomer Buzz?

Sarah: This may not be my assigned role, but I’ve taken on the role of an idea generator. I feel like I have a lot of the ideas for the events!

Clayton: The job that I do is a lot of the backend stuff for technology. So, I’ll help set up presentations and do graphics for things like metric analysis. It’s kind of cool to see how
multi-disciplinary everything is.

So, have you have any internships while you’ve been in college?

Sarah: This is my only internship and it’s been great! I worked a semester here, studied abroad, and then came back for another semester. I studied in Austria and it was amazing. I hate telling people how many countries I’ve been to because it feels like bragging, but I visited 16 countries and backpacked through them all. It was a completely different side of me!

Clayton: My first real internship is when I worked for our boss now, but on the Community Experience side of things for IT. I worked full-time over the summer working to integrate products on the College of Engineering, Earth & Energy, and Fine Arts. My second one was a local aircraft company in Norman where I was doing some interesting design work. The third was one working as a Fuselage Design Engineer on the Boeing 737 Fuselage. I had a great time there, we made a bunch of structural design changes!

Okay, let’s talk about what you’re going to do after graduation, whether you don’t know or you do know.

Sarah: I have no solid plans right now. I’m really excited because this is something I normally wouldn’t do but I’d like to go wherever— to any job that takes me out of the state so that I can get experience and then I plan on getting a Ph.D.

Clayton: The work that I’m going to be doing is design/analysis engineering. My 5-10 year plan includes working for a while and then going back and getting a Master’s degree and maybe even a Ph.D. at some point. Design engineering and analysis engineering are the type of area that I’d like to stay in. Aerospace and technology are a dream for me!

What is the most important thing that you have taken from Boomer Buzz?

Sarah: My biggest take away would probably be the fact that you can really love a job. I feel like growing up, you have jobs that you just do because you need a paycheck. With this job, I love all of the members of our team and I love what I’m doing. It’s something that I’m excited to do and I feel like I’m actually doing something worthwhile.

Clayton: Boomer Buzz shows me the value of different perspectives.  It’s not just our team but there are students from all over the world and different cultures. We’re right in the middle of that because of the area that we work in, the HCLC, is like an airport terminal. There are people coming in and out all day long and it’s amazing. So, the appreciation of the value of difference and the desire to learn more about other people, their backgrounds, what they care about, and where they come from.

How do you think Boomer Buzz makes an impact on the OU community?

Sarah: I think that we really take the word “engage” seriously. IT is very raw, but when channeled through organizations like Boomer Buzz in other ways, you start to realize what the community needs and what they are looking for in a product. We’re able to help make that relationship meaningful and so, both the community and IT benefits.

Clayton: Boomer Buzz allows us to take raw technology and plug it in to the community where it’s applicable. We are IT, but IT is not just a bunch of computers, it’s people behind those computers and it’s people who work with people. So, adding value to the community through new knowledge and new experiences is how we impact the OU community.

Thanks so much for talking with us! We are proud to have you on our Boomer Buzz team and can’t wait to see what you both do in the near future. 

JEB_Power_ BI