OU IT Welcomes Shah Paran


One of our favorite things to do as an IT organization is learn from and share information with others–whether it’s our vendors, others in the higher ed community, people we meet at national industry events and conferences, and even IT professionals in other countries. So it should come as no surprise that we jumped at the opportunity to participate in the Professional Fellows Program, which is a two-way global exchange program that gives professionals from foreign countries the opportunity to meet with organizations like their own in order to gain mutual understanding, enhance leadership and professional skills, and build lasting relationships.

As part of this program, Shah Paran, a visiting fellow from Bangladesh, was here in October to learn all about OU IT.¬†Shah is the CEO of HandyMama, which he tells us is “the Uber for handyman and maintenance services.” HandyMama connects users with verified and certified service professionals like house cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, and the like.

Shah began his company in 2015 and has served more than 20,000 consumers and more than 1200 business in Southeast Asia. He came up with the idea when he was stuck waiting for an electrician for seven hours. He realized while waiting that there should be something that could fulfill his need without wasting time in the process. So, he started HandyMama! For Shah, his business is more than just income. He wants to make an impact by creating jobs in his community. He said, “I saw this as an opportunity. If I can solve this problem I can actually have a positive impact on society and in people’s lives.”

Since Shah’s company solves problems using technology, OU IT just happened to be the perfect fit. He was able to meet with teams in different areas of our organization like User Experience, Services, and Security to learn about the software, technology, and processes that OU IT uses on a daily basis.

A big part of HandyMama is its 24/7 call center, so Shah was excited to engage with IT’s call center and gain a better understanding of how it is managed. Shah said, “OU IT has a great team! I worked with them for two week, and I have learned a lot from them like how to build big software and technology, and how to deploy big software for thousands of users.”

We were so happy to have you, Shah!

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