Top 5 Study Tips for Dead Week

Top 5 Study Tips for Finals

The most anticipated week of the year is almost here. Finals week. Whether this is your first finals week, last finals week, or anywhere in between, we all could use some study tips!

Here are our top 5 to help you ace those exams: 

1. Take a Break

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you are taking a break. Good for you! Taking a 10 minute break every hour or so will help you stay energized and not get mentally exhausted too easily. This is probably the most important tip we could give, that’s why it’s the first on our list! You deserve it! 

2. Don’t Cram

We know it is tempting to wait until the last minute to study. Trust me, we’ve all been there. But let’s try something new this time! Start studying a little bit each day for those exams. This will help you to remember what you learned and also help you not get so exhausted.

3. Stay Organized

Having an agenda or detailed calendar is not a bad thing! This will help you keep track of all your extra commitments/activities and enable you to block out time to study. On top of having yourself organized, have your class material organized as well! Make flashcards with key terms and keep your old assignments to look back at. 

4. Find Your Zone & Ideal Place to Study

Figure out the right atmosphere where you focus best. Can there be other people? Do you like to listen to music? Does it have to be quiet? If you can’t focus and get work done unless it is completely quiet, studying at a restaurant might not be good for you. Find a quiet spot at the library or your house and study there!  If you like studying in groups, connect with those people to find a good and functional place. 

5. Unplug

Yes, you will probably need your laptop to study. But, you do not necessarily need your phone. Set your phone aside so you won’t be tempted to check the latest Insta post or check your snaps. With your laptop, only have the tabs open that you need. Chances are, if you look over and see Netflix, you will likely be swayed by your favorite show. Study, and then take a Netflix break. You don’t need the distraction! 

You’ve made it this far so don’t give up now! We believe in you!

By Sara Haugland and Kennedy Pipkin,
OU IT Marketing & Communications Interns

Illustration by Princess Tarectecan,
OU IT Graphic Design Intern

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