Superhero or Cyber Villain?

Superhero or Cyber Villain?

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month (#CyberAware) and we’ve called on our Identity and Access Management Engineer, Jonathan Killgore, to tell us more about identities.

This Halloween you will have many superheroes knocking on your door. Spiderman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are likely to appear several times. But are these the real superheroes or kids asking for candy? Of course, they are just kids, but how did you know? You used clues like height or maybe Batman was being carried by someone much larger, which would just be weird.

For IT Security, it’s like Halloween every day. People constantly knock on our door posing as someone else. This growing problem shows no signs of slowing down. In today’s connected world, we are required to have an online presence to interact with people and businesses using a digital identity. This digital identity represents us to others online. It might be a fake name, or it could be a full patient record. No matter how big or small, someone wants your digital identity. Why? To get your candy of course!

For years multifactor authentication (MFA) has been used to help reduce digital fraud. Examples include ATM card pin numbers, online banking security questions, and more recently the gas pump asking for a zip code after you swipe your credit card. Businesses know this can add friction to their customer experience so there is always motivation to make MFA better.

Here at OU we have been using DUO MFA internally with IT and with a few applications available to the OU community like OUCreate and SoonerCard’s eAccounts mobile app. DUO provides many options for a second factor like a text message code or a phone call, but it really shines when providing the option to send a notification to your mobile device. This notification makes it easy to approve a login with a few taps, rather than remembering and entering a temporary code. Soon you will see DUO in more places as we roll it out to more services. If you want to get a head start, you can visit to set up an account now.

So be careful and protect your digital identity. You never know who will put it on and go around knocking on doors.

Stay safe out there!


Illustration by Darby Sams,
OU IT Graphic Design Intern

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