Tech Taxi

Tech Taxi!

Here’s something you should know about OU IT: we have fantastic people. And a lot of those people–over 100 of them–are students. Talented, hard working, please-stay-forever students. We like having them on our teams because they’re eager to learn, have great perspectives, and come up with really great ideas. Really great ideas like… Tech Taxi.

It happened like this. Our Marketing and Communications students were helping brainstorm new ways we could reach out to campus and increase engagement. We wanted to find a way to interact with students, faculty, and staff outside of our regularly scheduled events. “What if we did something like that one show? Cash Cab?,” they wondered. “Except maybe we could use the golf cart and give people rides?” One idea led to another. Our designers jumped in, and it wasn’t long before a giant box arrived in our office bearing a bright yellow golf cart topper emblazoned with the words “TECH TAXI.” Along with some t-shirts and prizes. Of course some t-shirts and prizes.

They couldn’t wait to get started. They proudly donned their new t-shirts, grabbed some handouts, and off they went. They gave people rides and shared with them the great things happening in IT. “Have you heard about Office 365?” “Are you using” “Do you know about the new Couch Practice Space coming this fall?” There may have been a trivia question or two.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we continue thinking of new ways to use it. We’ve partnered with OU Summer Session as they serve free sno cones on the South Oval. We’ve handed out VIP passes to concerts. We’ve helped people escape the summer heat. We even won an award! But mostly we’ve created an opportunity to connect with the campus community and share our excitement for OU IT.

What’s next for Tech Taxi? We’ll be giving rides during Sooner Orientation Weekend┬áthis year as we welcome the class of 2019 (2019!) to campus. The team from One U will be handing out rides and prizes as well. If you see us, come join the fun! We have some great giveaways, and you might even learn something new.

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