Spring 2018: Things To Know


Welcome back! We hope you had a fantastic winter break, but we’re also super happy to have you all back on campus. Here are some important things to know regarding our services, learning spaces, and technology:

  1. Download the OU Mobile App! You can view a campus map, search the directory, access courses, and get updates about free food on campus.
  2. OUNetID passwords must be changed 365 days after you last changed them. If you did not get the chance to change it in time and are having trouble accessing OU websites please call us at 325-HELP.
  3. All printing will be through WEPA because traditional printing is going away. The most popular WEPA locations are in the Student Union, the OneU store, the Bizz, and Wagner Hall. A detailed map of WEPA locations can be found at print.ou.edu.
  4. OU Libraries just opened the Digitization Laboratory. The Digitization Lab is where selected books and documents are scanned and put on the internet so that people across the world can have access to them! How cool is that?
  5. Visit it.ou.edu for a list of FREE and discounted software, entertainment, clothing, food, and much more!
  6. Our help desk is available online at it.ou.edu, over the phone at 325-HELP, and in person at these locations:
    • The Engineering Lab (room 201)
    • The OneU store in the Student Union
    • The Bizzell Library
    • Couch Learning Center