Updated Computer Standards

Nick Key

Based on your feedback and our goal to maintain current computing standards, we are adjusting the approved standards list to offer new Dell models for this product cycle beginning Wednesday, September 11. The changes outlined below represent revisions to the current standards (no new models) and will not significantly impact price. 

Desktop Models

  • Optiplex 7470 All-In-One replaces the Optiplex 7460 All-In-One – New features include a 9th Gen Intel Processor, 16Gb RAM and a height adjustable stand
  • Optiplex 3070 SFF replaces the Optiplex 3060 SFF – Now with a 9th Gen Intel Processor
  • Precision 3431 SFF replaces the Precision 3430 SFF – Now with a 9th Gen Intel Processor

Laptop Models

  • Latitude 5400 replaces the Latitude 5490 – Now with a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution
  • Precision 5540 replaces the Precision 5530 – Now includes a 6 cell battery

Visit the computer standardization website for full specs. Please note that shipping time on new models can at times take longer than normal. Check with the IT Business Office on lead times before ordering if you have concerns about delivery timing. 

We would love to hear your feedback! Fill out our Qualtrics survey to share feedback about the program, processes, or your department’s unique computing needs. 

OU IT Business Office 

The Computer Standardization Program 
All computers purchased for the University of Oklahoma must be selected from the approved computer standards list or receive pre-approval as a non-standard exception.

 Computer Standardization Policy   |   Approved Computer Standards

Purchasing a Computer
When your current computer is ready for replacement, visit your campus-specific purchasing catalog linked below. Prices will be presented during your purchasing process. 

Have a unique need? The exception process is intended to serve specific teaching, research, and clinical needs that cannot be met by our current offerings. At a minimum, exceptions are approved by your department’s financial approver and executive leadership, as well as IT.

Learn more about the exception process on our computer standardization website.

Need Help?
Reach out to your campus IT team or departmental IT representative for more information.