Use CaptureSpace to Share Course Content

Full disclosure: our students asked us not to post this. But! We’re doing it anyway so that professors can continue to have class when they can’t be physically present due to inclement weather or conference travel. CaptureSpace, the newest part of MyMedia, allows professors to share course content with students. It’s also a great tool for any instructor who just wants to use video to engage their students.

Using CaptureSpace, students can toggle between multiple views to view the video feed, presentation, or a split screen of both. PowerPoint presentations are automatically indexed by slide and become a searchable table of contents for the video. Check it out in the video here!

In addition to multi-feed videos, CaptureSpace can also be used to capture screen and webcam recordings.

You can download CaptureSpace today completely free by following these steps:

1.      Log into your MyMedia account using your 4×4 and your password.
2.      Click “Add New” and Select “CaptureSpace.”
3.      You should be prompted to download the CaptureSpace program. Install this program on your computer.
4.      Once installed, CaptureSpace should automatically open when you select “CaptureSpace.”

CaptureSpace recordings will automatically sync to your MyMedia account when uploaded, and they will remain private until you manually change the audience to public.

Happy recording!

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